A New Dawn

Kythorn: 1489 DR
The Year of the Warrior Princess

Decades after the Spellplague ravaged Toril and the chaos and turmoil brought by the Sundering, the people of Faerun attempt to piece together a new life. Adventurers find easy employment and factions are at all but open war for influence, fortune, fame and power.

Chaos is evident in the Sword Coast as merchant lords plot for dominance and purchase loyalties, highwaymen, bandits and raiders pillage villages and caravans, nobles scheme and move their pawns into position as long hidden cults rise from the shadows and seek new hearts to snare in this time of uncertainty and dread.

The world has become a frightening and uncertain place. The only thing that is certain, is that Toril is in need of heroes.

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The Hero is Dead

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